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6 Simple ways of learning English for House Wives


The usage of English language is increasing tremendously with social media playing a vital role in this aspect.  Therefore, it is important for any individual to learn and use it efficiently. Although today most women are empowered and capable to earn their bread and butter, still many lack the fluency in spoken English.  In today’s blog we’ll explain, some useful tips for polishing English skills and which can be used efficiently in communication.
However, practice and dedication will help you learn English successfully. You could dedicate just half an hour every day and learn English with the following tips.

Let us explain some simple ways to enhance your English communication skills.

Housewife learning English

6 tips to follow

1. Read or watch in English

This is the most efficient way to learn English. You could read articles, news, books and magazines in English which will explain you sentence creation, vocabulary, phrases and terms which will make your learning simple and interesting.

2. Summarize your learning

This is another important aspect of learning English. It has been said that, if we write the words  we have learnt, it remains forever in our mind. So after reading and learning about grammar and other related topics, make a note of them in a notebook, which can be used for further reference.

3. Change the language setting

Change the language setting in your cell phone and computer from regional language to English. As mobile phones have become fourth basic need, we all use it frequently. So, it will be good to go with the way because knowingly or unknowingly, you will end up polishing your language skills.

4. Watch interview sessions

You can watch interviews of famous personalities and leaders to improve your pronunciation styles

5. Listen to English music and understand the lyrics

This one is definitely a piece of cake for everyone. You can listen to good songs in English and try to understand the lyrics along with its meaning. Due to this, your vocabulary skills will get developed and you will find many similar and alternative words in that poetic language which will definitely promote learning with enjoyment.

6. Communicate in English

One of the effective and essential thing is to try to communicate in English by participating in group discussions and debate sessions. You will know the improvement of your communication skills and things that you should do to correct the mistakes.

Hope the above article explained you simple ways to learn English. You can also join an online Spoken English course and improve English learning.

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-By Chander Madan

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