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9 Phrases to be used to express the change in your decision


In our life, we all take decisions and make decisions on a daily basis. Some decisions are important that cannot be changed and some decisions can be changed according to the situation. There are some ways to  say that we have changed our decision. So let’s have a look:

9 interesting phrases to express that you have changed your decision:

1. I changed my mind: you had made a decision in past but you changed it.

Example-  We decided to study English but then I changed my mind and we are now studying Economics.

Example- She was angry because I changed my mind.

2. Hang on a minute: to make someone wait for your decision when you need still some time to think.

Example- When I called my mom to ask for  permission to go out, she told me to hang on a minute and she will let me know about it by today evening. 

Example- Hang on a minute, as I am not sure about the plan you have made.

3. I had a change of heart: change of attitude or feeling

Example- My mom was angry with me because of my mischief but she had a change of heart and then she allowed me to go out.

Example- Thank god! The police had a change of heart and  let us go without charging a fine.

4. On second thought: to make a decision which was better than the first one

Example- I will surely speak to her; on second thought, you also please have a word with her.

Example- I thought it was a good plan but on second thought I don’t think his plan will work out.

5. After further consideration: a formal way of expressing that you have given a lot of thought about the decision and then decided.

Example- After further consideration, I have decided  to give you the promotion.

Example- After further consideration, I gave her the opportunity to run the business.

6. To convince or persuade: when someone else influences us to change the decision.

Example- She tried to convince my mom to give me permission.

Example- She persuaded me to not to talk with him.

7. I was not sure what I was thinking when I: used when our previous decision was not logical.

Example- He had to say sorry to her as he was not sure what he was thinking when he had allowed her to go for the movie.

Example- I was not sure what I was thinking when I was so rude with him.

8. I did a 180: change of decision which is totally opposite.

Example- I had decided that I would not talk to him but when I got to know the reality, I did a 180.

Example- I did a 180 when I realized my mistake and then spoke politely with them.

9. On reflection/ upon reflection: when you thought for a long time before changing a decision.

Example- On reflection, I have decided that we will not go out due to strikes.

Example- My dad, on reflection, decided that he will not go to office today.


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