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A Fun Way to Learn English


LudoWhat is your most favorite memory of summer vacations? Playing with your cousins, surely. We vividly remember all the endless 'tournaments' of board games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Uno, Monopoly, etc. and the good times that always ensued. Even as grownups, the charm of board games does not wear off easily, the only difference is that as adults we tend to stick more to the rules, instead of looking for the slightest chance of going unruly.

Now what if we told you that you can use all the fun that you have during board games to learn English! Sounds fun, right. If we enjoy doing something, why not use it to improve English vocabulary?

The best thing about board games is that you can get other people involved and learn new things from them as well. There are many board games specifically designed to help you improve and learn English vocabulary. Here are a few games we practice on  our online spoken English class:


 This is the classic game for learning English. There is only one rule in the game of Scrabble – the word you make should be a proper English word! This board game comprises of a game board (of course), tabs for recording individual scores. Several tiles with a letter and a score. To play this game, each individual picks up seven tiles and has to place a few tiles on the board to make a word. Then the other players follow, adding words in crossword style. This popular game is played worldwide on a professional level; so much so that there is a scrabble dictionary as well!



 Name, place, animal, and thing

Every child must have played this game. This is fun. This is easy and all you need is a paper and pen. Take a paper, draw three parallel lines and in each column, write - Name, Place, Animal, Thing respectively. Now, taking turns pick out a letter and fill in the columns with words starting with the letter. Though, as kids we all used to inventing new words, just for the sake of it, it would be better if we played a little more seriously and honestly! With this game you can learn of new words, countries, names, and speed ahead of others in a bid to finish first!


Learn English through Game


 This game can be played individually or in groups. This online game is very popular and one of the most recommended games for English learners. A word is shown to the player, with a few letters missing and accompanying the word is a 'man'. The player has to guess the letters that should fill the blanks within a limited number of attempts. For every wrongly guessed letter, the 'man' cuts one body part, and when the number of attempts are exhausted, and the word is still incomplete, the 'man' hangs himself. Hence, the name.



If you are looking for ways to improve English vocabulary, playing one of these games is a good idea. Or else you could create your own games and learn English vocabulary the fun way!

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- By Shailja Varma

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