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English Exercises for Beginners


Imagine this: You have been studying a subject for quite some time, and you think that you have a fair knowledge about it, but how can you be sure about that? The answer is simple, put yourself and your knowledge to test. This way you can gauge how much you really know and how much you need to improve!English_Exercises

Does the idea of taking a test give you the jitters? Worry not, tests do not necessarily have to be difficult and intimidating, tests are a great way of learning and putting your knowledge to use. We have been writing blogs over blogs, giving you useful tips on learning and improving your English skills - spoken, written, as well as reading. Now, let us see how much you have learnt. Here is a simple test for all of you:

A. Following is a list of words (nouns) and you need to answer the pronoun that will fit with it.
1. __ whistle

a. An

b. A

2. __ yew tree

a. A

b. An

3. __ wonder

a. A

b. An

4. __ hospital

a. A

b. An

5. __ honor's degree

a. A

b. An

So, are you done solving this test? Simple, wasn't it! However, using 'a' and 'an' confuses many. Hopefully, you got them right. Here are the answers (what did you think, we will not provide the answers? However, if you are reading this before you have solved the test above, go back now!)

1. A whistle

2. A yew tree

3. A wonder

4. A hospital

5. An honors degree

Congratulations to all those who got it right, while for those who did not – do not lose heart, keep practicing and improving your English skills.

That was pretty easy, fit for beginners. However, with so many blogs dedicated to teaching English to our fans, here is another test:

B. We have already explored the topic of homophones. These are words that sound the same way but their meanings and spellings are different. Write-right, see-sea, etc. are some examples of homophones. Today we will learn how to use three such homophones – their, there, they're. Each sentence mentioned below will have a word missing, and you have to fit in one of the three – their, there, they're – as applicable.

1. They've forgotten ______ books.

2. ______ are several mistakes in this article.

3. I have met them before but I do not know ______ names.

4. From the look of ______ faces, they are not very happy.

5. They cannot decide. They cannot make up ______ minds.

Did you get all of these right? Here are the answers, match them with yours.

1. Their

2. There

3. Their

4. Their

5. Their

That was fun, right? And you thought tests were boring and difficult! We shall keep giving you such other (not so simple, necessarily) tests, just to keep you on your toes. Till then keep practicing and improving!


If you are still struggling and trying to get your grip on the English language, here is an important tip for you. There are a number of online programs like eAge tutor, which help you in understanding and improving your spoken English. These programs help you learn grammar as well as learn business English.



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