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English Phrases to Express Shock and Sympathy


In life, we come across unexpected situations where we don’t understand what to say. Whether you are a native English speaker or an aspiring English learner, it is always tricky to handle situations where we have to express shock or grief. An unexpected situation, for instance, a sudden death or natural disasters, would require you to express your feeling without being intrusive. Today, let us look at English phrases that you can use to express sympathy and shock.


Phrases to express shock

When you are feeling sad after hearing a shocking news, you somehow fall short of words. Here are a few common expressions that convey shock and disbelief.

I am shocked to hear this news.

Ex: I was shocked after hearing about her early demise

We are all in a complete shock.

Ex: John’s demise came as a complete shock

This happened all of a sudden.

Ex: The accident happened all of a sudden. Just half hour ago she was here talking to me.

We are completely taken aback by this incident.

Ex: We were completely taken aback when we heard about the bus going down the river.

I can’t get over the news

Ex: I can’t get over the news that she will no longer be able to walk.

I was stunned.

Ex: I was stunned when I heard that he has consumed poison after seeing his results.

Phrases to express sympathy

I'm sorry to hear about

Ex: I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather’s death.

Please accept my condolences

Ex: I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept my condolences.

I hope things get better soon

Ex: I understand your situation. I hope things will get better soon.

Words can’t describe how I feel

Ex: Words can’t describe how I feel about the Tsunami disaster

To conclude:

In difficult situations, it is all the more important to choose your words wisely before speaking so as to not come across as fake. In a situation where you have to express shock, disbelief, or sympathy, it is suggested that you stay calm and speak wisely. English is a language that will come naturally to you only when you practice. Therefore, practice speaking English and you no longer have to worry about speaking incorrectly in any given situation. Join our online spoken English classes to learn more about idioms and phrases to tackle different situations in everyday life.

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- By Chander Madan

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