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Fashion vocabulary that you should know


Fashion – the word itself is enough to make young girls and women excited. Women do so many things to keep themselves fashionable and in trend. People read magazines and follow fashion writers and bloggers for the latest update in the fashion industry. Fashion experts use unique words to describe clothes, accessories and other related things. It is important to know the meaning of those words so that it can be further used in communicating with friends. In today’s blog, we’ll explain you some words that will help you know more about the fashion world.


7 fashion vocabulary that you should know

1. In

In means, something is in fashion and trend.


Black lace choker is again in after a long time.

Hey, did you check the Vogue magazine? What’s in this week?

2.  A slave to fashion

A slave to fashion means someone who always follows the latest fashion.


Nikita is a slave to fashion.
Not everyone in the fashion world is its slave.

3. Vintage

Old clothing, which is high quality and valuable that were worn in early years are known, as vintage clothes.


All the vintage clothes are in fashion again.
I love my mother’s vintage clothes.

4. The height of fashion

A person who is very fashionable is known as the height of fashion.


I think Sonam Kapoor is the height of fashion amongst all the celebrities.
Amongst us, Archana is the height of fashion.

5. High street fashion

High Street fashion means clothes that can be bought from ordinary shops from common cities which are not designed by fashion designers.


Your dress doesn’t look like a high-street fashion.
I love shopping from high street fashion.

6. Trendsetter

A person or a cloth that sets a new trend or fashion is known as a trendsetter.


Deepika Padukone is a trendsetter in this fashionable world.
My friend won the fashion contest in college, as she was the trendsetter at the show.

7. Stylish

A person who is stylish has a bold sense of fashion or has the ability to wear clothes and accessories that look stylish.


I like your fashion sense. You are very stylish.

Aishwarya Rai is very stylish when it comes to red carpet.

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-By Chander Madan

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