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First Timer’s Guide to Improve Spoken English



improve_englishHow to improve my spoken English? This is one of the most common questions that we confront in our daily communications with people across the globe. Our first advice to them is to take it easy and do not attempt to sound like a native speaker. Like a baby cannot start running after taking a first step, it isn't simply possible for you to speak like a native speaker when you start to learn. To improve your English speaking skills takes time and you shouldn't rush to advanced level in your beginning days.

Rule #1

The first rule that every aspiring English learner should memorize is to learn to speak the language clearly. Once you can speak clearly and concisely, then you can move a level up in your training. There are not as many native speakers as compared to the ones who speak English as their second language, so don't worry about how you sound.

Rule # 2

Improve your vocabulary but stay away from memorizing idioms and slangs. There is no harm in learning the popular phrases and idioms but if you end up using them in a wrong situation, then it can do you more harm than good. In addition, if others don't understand what you just said, you may come across as a silly person. So, as a beginner, focus more on improving your vocabulary.

Rule # 3

Do not fall prey to the web of long and complicated words. While as a non-English speaker, you may get impressed by English speakers around you who use sophisticated jumble of words. But, remember, it only comes with practice. As a beginner, stick to short words. Make short sentences when you communicate in English, trust me, the value of your words would be no less than when you use a complicated web of words. It is better to be sure of what you are saying than fumble midway, gasping for other people's approval. The mantra to improve your spoken English is to use clear, short, and simple vocabulary or as popularly said KISS – keep it short and simple.

Rule # 4

One of the popular ways to improve spoken English is Translation. Don't you do that? Many of us unconsciously translate the words from our mother tongue when trying to speak English. However, remember when you translate into English, the order of the words would vary greatly. Therefore, in such a case, you would most likely end up speaking wrong English.

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