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Golden Rules for Improving Spoken English


English is spoken in each and every country today, however, the question is, how many of us speak accurate English. Speaking English is not just putting together a few words to form a sentence. It requires applying proper grammar, pronunciation and using the right words in the right context! No wonder there are so many English speaking classes and tutors offering their help.

As stated earlier, simply learning a few words will not help you speak proper English. It is after a lot of practice and learning that one master the art of speaking flawless English. For you to develop this skill, first get a strong hold over grammar, vocabulary, tenses, etc. While you are all pumped up about speaking English like a pro, remember that it is not an overnight job! English is a continuous process that demands constant learning and improvement.








The problem many people face is that even if you have developed an impressive vocabulary, you just can’t use the right word when needed. This is because one needs to train the brain likewise. One needs to fine-tune the brain enough to think of the right word spontaneously. Without doing so, you will end up using the same words repeatedly, because once we become comfortable using certain words, we tend to overdo them.

The importance of fluency

When anyone speaks English, it helps if he is speaking in precise, crisp, and to-the-point sentences, as it drives the point home much more easily. Unclear and jumbled sentences will leave the audience more confused! Also, it is important to speak precisely about the point under discussion, as no one wishes to listen to a redundant sentence. English is such a beautiful language as it gives you the freedom to select from over 500,000 words!If you wish to improve your spoken English, there are many tools and aids available to help. However, among all the available options, online English tutors are the most effective ones. Learning English online is an easy, convenient, and flexible method for learning spoken English. However, you should not depend completely on this method for learning English, do some English exercises yourself to improve your fluency.

· Do away with the accent: The mother tongue of a person greatly dominates one’s English pronunciation. Some people have such heavy influence on their mother tongue that it is very easy to guess which one it is! The first step towards speaking proper English is to get rid of the mother tongue accent. Every language has its own rhythm, and the same applies to English as well, so if you want to improve your speaking skills, you need to pick up and practice ‘the English rhythm’.

· Learn phrases: Simply learning words is of no use – this way you will never learn the context in which the word is used. There are words in English that have more than one meaning, and how it is used depends on where it is used. For example, the word ‘thing’ means a stuff, like, “where are your things?” in this sentence ‘thing’ implies to belongings or stuff. The other way ‘thing’ can be used is to denote fascination or dislike. “She has a thing for candles,” means that she likes candles. Learn phrases. This way you will understand meanings and usage faster.

· Deep learning: Whether it is English, or anything else, you cannot get a complete grip on it unless you understand it completely – and for that, you need to learn deeply and with understanding. If speaking fluent English is what you aim for, then do that every waking minute. Speak to your friends, teachers, family, etc. only in English. Make sure you watch English movies without subtitles, and gauge how much you can understand without having to rely on subtitles.

Many online English learning programs are available to help improve your pronunciation and fluency.  Learning English online is a great help for people who are unable to devote specific time or develop a routine for learning English in a classroom. Online Spoken English programs provide the flexibility for learning English speaking with ease.


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