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How do you define a word that cannot be figured out by looking up in the dictionary?


What is an Idiom?:

Idiom1Idioms are word combinations that cannot be taken literally. Idioms do not mean exactly what it says.

In one situation it can have a literal meaning and it can have an idiomatic meaning in another situation.

The meaning of an idiom cannot be understood from the literal interpretation of each word. 


It is raining cats and dogs.   If the literal meaning of this sentence is considered, it will mean cats and dogs are falling from the sky which does not make any sense.

But if we consider the idiomatic meaning then it will mean it is raining hard.

So the literal meaning of idiom cannot be taken. We have to consider the idiomatic meaning.

Importance of Idiom

Idiom2Idioms are important because it helps you develop your vocabulary. Idiom is a part of our daily speech.

Also if you have a good knowledge of idioms you can participate in a group discussion or debate more frequently and without any hesitation.

It is important to learn about idioms because it will help you understand what others are saying.


Examples of Idioms

The below mentioned are the examples of few commonly used idioms in our daily speech:


Idiom3A piece of cake

This idiom means a task that can be done very easily.

Sentence: The exam was a piece of cake.


Idiom4All in the same boat

When everyone faces the same difficulties

Sentence: They were all in the same boat.


Idiom5Back to square one

When you have to start all over again.

Sentence: The girl could not clear her final examination. She is back to square one now.


Sell like hot cakes

Sell quickly in large quantities.

Sentence: The book is selling like hot cakes in India.


Idiom7Cloud nine

When someone is very happy

Sentence: I have got a new job today! I am on cloud nine!

How Can I learn Idioms?

Idiom8Idioms help to improve your vocabulary. So. You can take help from the dictionary to learn these.

You can write down idioms in a diary and also make sentences with them. You can take help from online spoken English tutors.

So you can join an online spoken English class to learn about idioms and thus improve your vocabulary and speaking skills.

Why and When Should We Use Idioms

Idiom9Use of idioms makes a conversation interesting and impressive. So idioms can be used whenever the requirement is.

If you want to make your language more interesting and attractive you can use an idiom.

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