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How to Answer Phone Calls Smartly in English?


What Does Answering Phone Calls mean?:

hw_ans_call_img1Everyone should follow some etiquette while talking on phone. Although talking on phone seems to be very simple, but there are ways to talk smartly in English on phone. Talking on phone in English can be quite difficult sometimes as you are not talking with the person face to face. So you cannot interpret people’s expressions or gestures and understand what they are trying to say. Sometimes we feel very nervous and fear to answer a phone call. So it is best to prepare in advance to get rid of such complexity. You can learn some phrases and words that can be used while answering phone calls.


How to Communicate Smartly on Phone?

Tips on how to communicate on phone

Here are some tips that can guide you on how to answer phone calls smartly in English.

  1. Every phone call should be answered with a polite greeting. Always say hello when you pick up the phone. Greetings like Hi, how are you? Or Nice to hear from you after a long time can be used. It is considered very rude if a phone call is not answered with proper greetings.
  2. You should always try to avoid putting someone on hold for a long time. Suppose you are not able to find the person with whom the caller is trying to connect, then do not put the caller on hold for more than 1 minute. Apologize in a gentle voice for putting on hold by saying “I am sorry. Mr. Raju is not available right now. I will ask Mr. Raju to call you back once he is here.”
  3. If you find that the caller is looking for a person who is unavailable then you can say “John is unable to come to the phone right now, would you like me to take a message for him?”
  4. If you are making a call, do not forget to introduce yourself and your relationship with the person you’re looking for. Hi! I am Jenny (Vasco’s friend) Can I speak to Vasco?
  5. While answering the phone if you find the caller is looking for you but the caller is not able to recognize your voice, always introduce yourself by saying:

This is Johnny speaking.


This is she.

Johnny here.

  1. While answering phone, you can always request the caller to increase his voice if he is speaking very low, or speak slowly if he is speaking too fast. Some common phrases are:

Could you speak up a little louder, please?

Could you repeat that please?

Can you speak little slowly please?

Can you call me back please? I am unable to hear you.


  1. While answering a call sometimes you might have to take a message for someone. Some common phrases are as follows:

 I am sorry Jessica is not here. Would you like to leave a message for Jessica?

He is busy right now. Can you call him a little later please?


  1. Always end your conversation by saying Thank you.



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