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How to express confusion in English?


In life, we have faced many instances where we have misunderstood many things and have ended up confused. We were able to clear a few, while there was a lot of confusion in the others. It is important to clarify and clear out the confusion in order to avoid unexpected results. To understand and clarify the confusion, you are required to articulate the points in an impeccable English with good vocabulary words. Today’s blog will help you with ways to express confusion in English.


5 ways to follow

1. Use phrases to say you didn’t understand

Sorry, I didn’t catch that.

I am sorry. I don’t understand.
Sorry, I couldn’t hear that.

For example: if you are on the way to a café in a city where you are new. Suddenly, you realise, you are lost, so decide to ask the passerby to help you with the directions.

You: Excuse me, could you please help me with the way to Conde café?

Responder: Go straight and take a right and walk for 50 metres and take the first left and the third shop is your destination.

You: I am sorry. I didn’t understand. Could you please repeat that?

2. Use phrases to convey why you didn’t understand

While every person has flaws in English, it is not possible for everyone to understand  all the others. In the same way you may also not understand English in the first go. It may be due to the slang or the way they pronounce. You can tell them

English is not my first language.

I cannot understand the slang.

Please excuse my English.

I didn’t understand the pronunciation of the words.

I am not very good with English, so please bear with me.

3. Ask someone to repeat themselves

Many times when we are on a call, we tend to get a lot of disturbances which leads us to miss words or misinterpret words. When this happens, we can use the  phrases given below:

Could you please repeat that?
Would you mind repeating that?

Could you say that again?
Sorry, could you speak more slowly, please.
I am sorry, I still didn’t get that.

4. Apologize for the confusion

Sorry for the confusion.
I would like to clear that confusion.

5. Words to say that you understand

When you finally understand, you can use the below phrases:

I see.

I understand now. Thank you

I get it.

It is important to know English to communicate properly. Use these phrases in your conversation to clear confusion and improve your English.

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- By Shailja Varma

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