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How to Express Effectively?


Expressing Effectively:

hw_express_effective_img1Sometimes when we try to convey a very important message to someone we are unable to express ourselves and fall short of words. It is not that we are not good at speaking but we don’t know how to express ourselves effectively. Suppose you need to convey a very important message to your boss, and you could not express it properly. This can happen due to lack of knowledge in vocabulary and hesitancy in the language. you may not get proper attention from your boss and thus feel unattended and neglected at office.

How to Express Yourself Effectively


Here are some tips on how to express yourself effectively:


  1. Even if you try to be expressive in front of your boss, but always be what you are. Be yourself and don’t act as a different person.
  2. You might not sound confident, professional and expressive if you speak too softly or politely. If you speak too softly and if it is inaudible the person might have a feeling that you are not confident enough to deliver your message.
  3. Do not use qualifying words like kind of, somewhat, sort of while speaking These words are used to increase or soften the impact of the message. You can appear as unsure or not confident of what you want to say if such words are used frequently.
  4. Speak very fluently and confidently in English. Do not hesitate or stammer while expressing yourself.
  5. If you want to express yourself expressively, you should listen to others effectively. If you don’t listen to others, you will not be able to speak and express yourself.
  6. A weak handshake can trigger a feeling of lack of confidence and hesitation in the mind of the other person. Just like a weak handshake, a nervous giggle can ruin your image in front of your superiors.
  7. Do not avoid eye contact while talking. You might appear as an insecure and nervous employee and may not be considered for significant work.



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