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How to Introduce your Spouse to Your Parents?


You met a guy, fell in love and now you want to take your relationship to the next level. It’s that phase of your life when you both decide to spend your future with each other. The time has come to introduce your spouse to your parents. But before you take that crucial step of your life, ask yourself, is it the right time? It depends on what type of relationship you are sharing.

First of all, talk to your spouse about it. Tell him about your plan and make him comfortable, as he is the one who’s going to meet your parents. Communication is the key to all relationships, whether between both of you or between your parents and you. For that, your guy must know fluent English, as it will help him create a positive impression.

Tips to create a good impression

It is always better to let him know about your parents’ likes and dislikes, as first impression is the last impression and you want to make sure your guy makes the best impression. Preparing  him well in advance on what to expect, what to bring and what to wear, can be the first step of making your meet successful. Here are some useful tips on how to get the first impression right.


1. Dress well

This is an important event for both of you and hence, you  need to put a little thought on the outfit. You can suggest him to go with a casual outfit that he wears for work on casual Fridays or a good dark jeans or corduroys along with a pullover sweater.

2. The right gift

It is always best to go with a gift when you are meeting your spouse’s family. A gift is a token of goodwill and can be his first opening to your parents' heart, says etiquette expert Patricia Stossel. A fresh bouquet may work out.

casual outfit

3. A good conversation

This is the proper time for him to impress your parents with his fluent English skills. Start with a good topic like his future goals or a small introduction about family background, which might involve your parents to engage in a discussion with him. Tell him well in advance to prepare and improve his spoken English skills if he isn’t fluent in the language.


In today’s life, English is the main mode of communication, especially when both the families do not belong to the same caste. Therefore, it is best to brush up your spoken English skills before a meeting with the parents.

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- By Shailja Varma

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