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How to Learn English for Tourism and Hospitality?


In the field of tourism and hospitality, communicating in fluent English is the basic requirement. Today, these fields are described as ‘Welcome Industry’ or ‘Pleasure Industry’ and it is connected very strongly with international boundaries. English knowledge is the basic necessity to survive in this field. The representatives have to convey each and every detail in accurate English and therefore, it is important to speak in English fluently. Unless you speak fluent English, you would find it difficult to do essential work, such as booking a tour or planning travel itinerary.

Some job roles that require you to speak in English include:
1. Receptionist
2. Housekeeper
3. Janitor
4. Bartender, waiter/waitress
5. Travel agent, tour guide
6. Recreational guide
7. Flight/ cruise attendant

So, as a representative, you are supposed to deal with customers and provide required facilities and solve queries and problems, if any occurs.
While understanding and solving their problems you need to be aware of the basic vocabulary and phrases that are used.

Vocabulary and phrases to be used

1. While greeting customers

“Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening.”

“Welcome to Grand Chola. My name is Partiv Rao.”
Be polite and use a courteous term to refer to your customers:
Miss — Young women (under age 30)
Ma’am — Mature women (over age 30)
Sir — Men of all ages

If you are working in a hotel, restaurant or tour agency you can use the below phrase after greeting your customer:
“Do you have a reservation with us?”
If you are working in a hotel, before the customers go to their rooms, you can say goodbye with one of these statements:
“We hope you enjoy your stay!”
“Please let us know if you have any comments or questions to share during your stay.”

2.Responding to your customers’ questions

Many a times, customer will have questions for which you might not have a certain answer or you might need to ask your supervisor. During such instances, you can use the following phrases to let your customer know that you care:
“That is a great question! I will check in with my supervisor and let you know.”
“I will get that information for you right away.”

3. Asking customers questions

You can ask polite questions to the customers to make them feel comfortable and safe.
“Have you been having a good time?”
“Is there anything else we can do to make your experience more enjoyable?”

To summarise this topic, it is important for a hotel management representative to have a good command over English language. You can improve your spoken English by joining an online English speaking course and learn in your free time. For more tips and tricks, stay tuned to our blogs and download our simply English app that helps you improve English on the go!

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-By Chander Madan


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