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How to Learn English Real Fast?


In today's fast moving generation, everybody needs a quick-fix for everything, be it learning English. So, naturally, many of our students approaches us for a 2-minute recipe to easy English speaking. While there are no shortcuts to learning English, we definitely can enlighten you about some easy ways to learn English. So, let's get started.

1. Love English

Unless you are deeply in love with the language, you would not put your heart and soul into learning it. Remember, English is a universal language and the predominant mode of communication on the internet.

2. Reasons to love English


There are a number of reasons why you should fall in love with this language. Let's look at some of the benefits of speaking English fluently.

• Opens up job opportunities
• You can explore travel places abroad
• You can expand your social circle
• You can take up higher education abroad
• You can watch English movies

Doesn't it sound fun. Remember your childhood, how you loved to play cricket/basketball and learned every nuance of it to get it right. The same goes true for learning anything, nurture the passion.


3. How can I improve English?


Now that you have found your reason to learn English, it may be anything like impressing a friend. The next easy to learn English tip is to find out what works best for you. You have to figure your effective way of learning. For some people, pictures work wonders whereas for some, it is important to demonstrate anything and everything via examples. What is your learning style?

• Listen and read

• Watch and learn
• Talk and learn
• Trial and error

Decide your style of learning. If you are more of a reading person, then go for a novel. However, if you enjoy watching movies rather than reading, then take up a Hollywood movie CD and relax as you learn.

• Listen and read

If you fall in this category, you are suggested to read magazines, attend seminars and read and listen to daily news. There are specific conversational English books available online as well as in the bookstore that you can buy to improve your English.

• Watch and learn


If you enjoy watching and learning, then join an English grammar tutorial online. They provide you with easy English lessons covering the length and breadth of the language. You can also participate in online forums and share your experiences.

• Talk and listen


If speaking in English is one of your weak points, then you should focus on your talking and listening skills. Be a good listener first, fluency would follow automatically. Take part in online forums and join interest groups of your choice. These activities will give you ample space to practice your spoken English language.

• Trial and error

This is for all of you who love to experiment. Practice tongue twisters, pronunciations of complex words, and solve word puzzles. Try and mimic your favorite speaker. Watch their video online and try to speak like them. You can also join the Facebook page of online English tutors to get your daily dose of easy to learn English tips.

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- By Shailja Varma


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