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How to Maintain Your Social Image?


SocialSocial networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have grown by leaps and bounds in the recent past. So much so that, our virtual lives and images weigh heavily on our personal lives as well. The people you connect with online shape and influence your online image. Moreover, how you interact with people is more important for having a pleasant and sophisticated online image. Your language matters a lot.

How to improve English communication for the social platform?

The way we communicate with friends and colleagues in real life conversations is different from how we conduct our online English communication. In real, face-to-face conversations, we exchange not just words, but also body language, expressions, emotions and more. Using these additional aids, we put across our words to voice our thoughts. In case of online communication, it is exactly the opposite. We have to rely on words alone to convey emotions, body language, and feelings. Therefore, if the saying goes 'think before you speak', there should be another saying 'read before you post'. One needs to weigh the words and be careful with the tone of writing when interacting online.

There are a certain rules which one should adhere to. This will help you in making sure that your image is not affected, whilst keeping sure that your friends and acquaintances are pleased with you as well!




Here are a few tips:


Maintain a pleasant tone in all your online English communications:


People take their online image seriously, just like you do. Many times, things we say in jest can prove to be hurtful to others. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you select your words carefully and weigh them before posting. Keep your grammar lessons handy as punctuations also matter a lot in softening or hardening your tone. Many people have the annoying habit of writing in caps. In virtual communication, writing in caps is the equivalent to shouting or stressing. Do not do that unless you are really writing an angry post or comment.

Respect the privacy of others:

What you wish to post online and how much you are ready to show to the online audience depends on you. With social media becoming increasingly rampant, the onus of deciding one's limits of privacy lies with each individual. Just as you are the master of your privacy, you need to respect other people's privacy as well. Posting offending pictures of your friends and acquaintances, tagging them in useless posts, etc. account for an annoying virtual behavior. Also, if you wish that people take your online avatar seriously, make sure that what you post makes sense and is written in correct English. You can creatively utilize the social media to learn and improve your English communication!



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- By Shailja Varma

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