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How to overcome common obstacles while learning English


English is an easy language to learn, but most of us face a difficulty in speaking the language. Each learner may have problems in different aspects of English. For example, some people might struggle with writing in English, while others might find pronunciation quite difficult. However, it is absolutely normal to come across problems when you are learning English and those problems can be easily overcome. All that you have to do is to recognize your problem and patiently solve them. You will eventually get over this. Remember, no problem is too big and there are a lot of solutions available for you.

For instance, if you want to improve your English speaking skills, you can find people who speak English and do speak with them in English, in order to become fluent. You can try this as well and your English skills will be improved considerably in a very short amount of time!

3 Challenges while learning English

It is important to be patient and determined when learning a new language. Learning is a never ending process, so do not give up too quickly.


1. Acquiring fluency

When it comes to fluency, you think you will acquire it in a matter of time. But speaking and knowing the language are two different things. One of the best tips for overcoming this challenge is to communicate with English speakers. It is not necessary to speak with native speakers, but you can talk in English with your friends. Although, talking with English speakers can be fun, entertaining, and educationally beneficial,it will also help you in building your confidence and proficiency. When you speak with native English speakers, you are able to practice your language skills with fluency, which allows you to improve your English.


2. Difference in conversational slang

When you hear your friends speaking in English or your boss or peers conversing in this language or when you hear from native speakers, you get confused. The slang which they use is a different one. You can watch English television programs and listen to radio stations. Although you might not understand every word that is spoken, but regular watching and listening will help you to understand the conversations with the tone and the usage of slang in them.

3. Developing pronunciation skills

Generally, the English text that appears on the page and the way it is pronounced and delivered are different. While you are learning English, you might have surely faced this. One way to overcome this challenge is to participate in a range of speech related learning activities. You can make use of the internet and find online speaking and listening activities, where participants can listen and then use small sentences to speak. You can also watch English movies without subtitles. You will start to process the information much faster and it is a very good exercise.

These simple methods can help you tackle the biggest obstacles while learning English. You can join a Spoken English course and improve your skills much faster.

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-By Shailja Varma

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