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How to Overcome Hesitation While Speaking English?


In our spoken English classes, we meet several students who are shy to speak English. When we talk to them in ‘Hindi’, which is largely spoken in India, we get a lot of communication from them. In fact, most students discuss their problems in their native language and the moment we switch to English, there are lesser queries and lesser students with problems. This is primarily due to one’s hesitation to speak the language. What if I structured the sentence wrong? What if my colleagues start to laugh on me? What if my boss feels offended? The ‘what if’ is creating a big trouble and today we will learn how to conquer your fear of speaking English (preferably in front of others).

Steps to get rid of your hesitation

You have been learning English since your childhood as a second language. Therefore, you are aware of the basic vocabulary, grammar and so forth. Since you don’t speak the language that often, you may face a hard time in constructing your sentences, but that shouldn’t deter you from speaking English. Have you ever noticed how children learn to talk? They babble first, the words would not make sense and might be totally wrong, but they aren’t afraid to speak. In no time, they pick the words and form their understanding of the language. You should draft a two-way approach to remove your hesitation.


 Short-term approach

When your back is aching, you take a pain-killer to get rid of the pain. Similarly, your short term approach to speaking English should be to deal with the problem right away. You should speak as much as you can. If you are worrying that your grammar is imperfect, take light, others may not notice as much and even if they do, they may not judge you as a complete fool. You may come across as a person who had an idea and picked up the courage to share, in spite of not so good communication skills. Believe us, it is better than not speaking at all, which may give away the impression that you are dull and never have an idea to share at your workplace.

 Long-term approach

This is like yoga where you need to practice every day for good health. Here you will practice improving your language every day for better communication in the future. Join an online spoken English class and meet like-minded individuals with whom you can practice your English speaking without any hesitation.

To summarize

You need to speak English without worrying about the wrong grammar, it is better than sitting like furniture in the conference room. Secondly, find a companion with whom you can practice English speaking every day.

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-By Chander Madan

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