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How to Speak Clearly and Fluently?


hw_spk_fluentclear_img1Importance of Speaking English Fluently:

English is the most widely spoken language. In today’s world all kinds of communication takes place in English. It is very difficult to become successful in life without knowing how to speak this language. Knowing how to speak fluently is the most important criteria in today’s society. If you are not fluent in speaking you may suffer in life. You may feel low in confidence or might not want to meet new people due to poor communication skills. You won’t achieve success or feel embarrassed due to communication barrier. So if you are weak in speaking English, the best way to improve yourself is to learn English. Learning English is not at all difficult and there are various ways to learn English.


How to Speak English Clearly and Fluently?

Steps on how to speak English clearly and fluently

Here are some tips on how to speak clearly and fluently:

Steps on how to speak clearly and fluently:

  1. Do not mumble the words while you speak. Mumbling is a habit of speaking in low volume so that people cannot understand what you are saying. Mumbling can make people feel irritated and annoyed. Stand straight when you speak to someone. A good posture can help you feel confident.
  2. Don’t feel scared if you say anything wrong. Some mistakes can happen while speaking but you should know how to correct your mistake. This is something that will come through practice.
  3. Don’t speak too fast. If you speak too fast, people will understand that you are nervous. Speak slowly and open your mouth as wide as you can while speaking.
  4. You can use different vocabulary words to sound better but it is equally important for you to know the meaning of the words before you use them. Using the wrong word can make you feel embarrassed.
  5. Learn Grammar if you don’t know it. Grammar is important to speak clearly and fluently.
  6. Always make sure that you are using the right word before speaking it out. If you are not sure about any word, say the word silently to yourself first and then speak it out.



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