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How to start a conversation in English?


You are tired of your job routine and so you plan  a vacation. A holiday would be a refreshing break that can de-stress you and make you feel alive. You decide to call up your friends and let them know about your plan. But, unfortunately none of your friends are free to go on a holiday with you. It makes you feel a little sad, but you don’t lose your hope and decide to travel alone.

You board a plane, reach your destination and the next big thing is sight-seeing. Although you have booked through the travelling agency, you are the only person who has come alone, whereas others are in a group. Thus, you choose to make friends with the group. However, you fear to start a conversation, as you are very shy when it comes to talking to  people.

Three things to keep in mind

First thing, don’t be shy and don’t get nervous. The most important thing is to have confidence while starting a conversation in English.


1. How to start

You can start with your introduction: “Hello, my name is Anil", or you can even try a more comfortable approach, such as "Hi, I'm Anil". You can follow up your greeting with a simple question, "Where do you come from?" or ask, “Can I join you guys?”Always start with something easy and impersonal, so that it can help you build your confidence. For example, talk about the weather. The best way to build your confidence while speaking in English with new people is by actually doing it. Meeting new people is the perfect opportunity to practice speaking English.

2. Find a relevant topic

A good way to keep a conversation going is to talk about something you have got in common. According to your current situation, you can ask the people how did they book the ticket for the trip. After that, you can ask your new friend about himself or herself: "Where do you work?" or "What do you like to do in your spare time?" These are good questions when getting to know someone. Remember, everyone likes to talk about themselves!

3. Listen properly

This one is very important for improving your communication skills. Having a conversation in the real world is more challenging than any other chat. But don't lose hope. Remember, you don't have to understand each and every word. Rather, concentrate on the words that you understand. Finally, don't forget to be polite, and listen politely.

Hence, for starting any type of conversation, you must be confident with your English skills as it can help you go a long way.

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-By Shailja Varma

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