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Interesting ways to say "Nice to meet you"


As we all know, first impression is the last impression. Therefore, first impression should always be a positive and a good one, so that the person you are meeting feels good about you. There are some ways through which you can do this. Even in offices, when you have a meeting with your boss or with your clients there are some ways and manners which you need to follow. So, let us have look on interesting ways to say nice to meet you.

Nice to Meet you

Ways to say Nice to Meet you:

1. Pleased to meet you:  It is a formal way of saying nice to meet you. These words are used in offices with clients or boss.

Example - We had been trained that when you meet a client, we are supposed to say pleased to meet you.

2. It’s a pleasure to meet you: It’s a positive way to say nice to meet you.

Example - Rahul said that it would be a pleasure to meet you again on Wednesday.

3. It’s lovely to meet you: It is an informal way which we can use with our friends and loved ones.

Example - It’s so lovely to meet you after a long time my dear friend.

4. It was nice to have met you: This is used when you meet a new friend

Example - It was really nice to have met you and I am glad that now we are good friends.

5. Glad to meet you: When you meet someone in an informal way

Example - It was really glad to meet you at the party yesterday.

6. Great seeing you: When you meet someone whom you have already met.

Example -It is seriously great seeing you after two months.

7. Great interacting with you: When you have already interacted with a person before.

Example - It’s great interacting with you, as you share lots of interesting ideas and facts that I haven’t heard of.

8. Had a great time: When you leave after a meeting or after finishing a conversation.

Example - I had a great time spending it especially with you.

9. How wonderful meeting you: When you predict to meet someone

Example - How wonderful it is meeting you as I was anticipating that we would meet today.

There are many interesting ways in which you can show your pleasure of meeting somebody. Practice using the above in your day to day conversation with people and you will create a good impression for yourself.


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-By Chander Madan

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