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Learn Root Words


What are Root Words?

A real word is known as a root word. New words can be made from root words by adding prefixes or suffixes. A root word can stand on its own. It has nothing added to its beginning or its end. It has a meaning.



Root word possible means something that can exist. If we add the prefix im (not) to the word possible it becomes impossible.

Impossible means not possible, something that cannot exist.



Phobia means fear. If we add a prefix acro (heights) it becomes acrophobia which means a fear of heights.

Root Words and Prefix/Suffix.
Prefixes are words that are added to the beginning of the word. Some common prefixes are mis, dis, re, sub, ante, im, il, un.



The prefix re means again. So the word replay means to play again.

Suffixes are words that are added to the end of the word. 
Some common suffixes are full, ness, ing, ed, ly, ence.



The suffix less means without.

The word meaningless means without any meaning or any purpose.

What Is a Word Family?

A group of words that share the common pattern i.e. they share the same root word. Some examples of word families are as follows:



Importance of Root Words:

It is very important to learn root words. If you know the root of any unknown word, then it will help you to find out the meaning of the word. Also it will help you with spelling of other words, because the word families share the same patterns of spelling.

Example of root words and its families:

Some examples of root families are given below.


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