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Learn words that have opposite meanings


English language is funny yet weird. Many words in this language have more than one meaning. For example, you refer “blue” as a colour and as a feeling to express your depression or sadness. Sometimes the word may not mean the same way it seems to be. The word may also have an opposite meaning. While these words have more than one meaning, it is vital to oth the  meanings and understand their usage. Today, we will list down words that have opposite meanings.


5 opposite meaning words you should know

1. Left

This word is the past tense of the verb “to leave”.  When you leave your office, you are moving from one place to other. In the same way, when you leave mobile charger at the office,here the concept of left is  that your mobile charger is staying at one place. This is contradictory in nature.


They left their house at 7pm in the evening to be on time for the movie.

They missed the movie because they accidentally left the movie tickets at home.

2. Overlook

By having a glance at the word, you can figure out the meaning of the word. The first meaning says when you look at something you scrutinize it very closely or ignore/ neglect something by neglecting it.


I am overlooking the investigation site to get some relevant evidence.

They overlooked the safety measures and hence faced the problem.

3. Either

Either is the most commonly used word. We use either to say one or the other of two i.e. each or both.


You can either have chocolate or an ice-cream.

I think you use either ways to reach the destination.

4. Original

The word original means something which is fresh and new. If you have an original idea it means it’s fresh and no one has ever thought about it. But when we speak of something original, we might even refer to something old that has existed for a while.


My original idea will be revealed to my partners who are ready to invest in my business.

I liked the original version of that song.

5. Nonplussed

Nonplussed is used to say a state of being wherein you don’t know what to say and how to react, a confused look. The second meaning is interesting as the word has a prefix – “non” which means “not surprised”.


Hema looked completely nonplussed.

After his sudden emotional expression, everyone was left nonplussed.

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-By Shailja Varma

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