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Learning English with the help of a radio


If you are a good listener, you can be a good speaker. True as this statement is, English learning is not anymore restricted to boring textbooks and exercises. You can improve your vocabulary and speaking skills through a lot of fun ways, one of which of course is through radio. In today’s age, when most of us lack the time and willingness to sit and study from textbooks, learning English through radio will come handy. We all have smart phones and they can be put to better use by tuning into online radio stations. Not only will this help improve your English listening skills, but also it will boost your confidence to speak English like native speakers. However, you need to listen to these stations on a regular basis.

How to learn English through radio?

Let us look at some easy tips that will help you get started.

1. Tune into a station of your interest

In this internet age, you have the luxury to tune into worldwide radio stations. Simply go to search engine and type radio along with the region and the type of show you want to listen. For instance, ‘radio California sports’. You can choose any topic of your interests, such as cooking, entertainment, news, sports, etc.

Listening radio

2. Devote time to listening

The problem with most English learners is lack of dedication. One day we might be excited to start learning English via radio, and a few days down the line, we might consider it a regular chore. Therefore, to ensure you stay motivated, tune into different radio stations. Search online English speaking radio stations and tune into a channel of your interest. To start with, pick up a topic of your interest, for instance, entertainment. We all love to hear celeb gossip, so why not check out an entertainment talk show. For one, it will keep you hooked to the program and two it would improve your listening skills as there are no visuals to distract you.

3. Tune into interviews

If you want to learn English through radio, one of the best ways is to listen to interviews. For one, they carry a question and answer format and two it will help you grab the intonation and learn how to respond naturally. You can start with BBC archives that carry a number of interviews. While listening to these sessions, don’t forget to pay attention to fillers. Basically these are expressions that give you time to think before you utter a response. For instance, ‘give me a second’ or ‘hmmm, that’s indeed a good question.’


You would agree that a textbook learning cannot give you such a hang on practical English speaking as a radio can. Once you learn how naturally native English speakers talk, it will be much easier for you to practice the language. You can join an online spoken English class and get to know more about learning English through fun ways.

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- By Shailja Varma

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