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Positive phrases for encouraging someone – part one


In our last blog, we taught you few phrases that can be used for encouraging someone. When you use these phrases in your communication, it not only helps you to motivate someone but also improves your English-speaking skills. Let’s have a look at some positive phrases that will improve your English skills and help you encourage someone.

give it a shot

6 phrases you must know

1. You are almost there!

This phrase is best to encourage someone who is about to finish a task or goal. In this phrase, the word ‘there’ does not mean an actual place instead, it means the state of being finished or done.

E.g. Come on Neha, you are almost there! Just one more minute.

2. You are improving a lot

The phrase tells someone that they are getting better than what they were.

E.g. Well done! Day by day you are improving a lot.

3. It is worth a shot

When someone is confused whether to do something or not then you can use this phrase to encourage them.

E.g. You must try this bungee jumping, it is worth a shot.

4. You did a good job on the project

You can use this phrase to praise someone to let them know they have done well on a certain task. You can modify this phrase by replacing “good” and replace “project” with something more specific. In fact, the more specific you can be, the better will be the feedback which will motivate the person and give him confidence.

E.g. You did an excellent research on the thesis.

5. You have made it this far!

This phrase lets us know how much progress someone has already made. They are not still at the beginning; they have come to a certain distance. The verb “to make” is usually used when you’re creating something. However, the phrase “to make it” informally means to accomplish, finish or achieve something. It is also often used to describe success in becoming famous. In that case, “You have made it this far” means that you have accomplished this much already.

E.g. Don’t worry about the destiny, you have already made it this far.

6. What have you got to lose?

This question is used to emphasize the fact that if the person doesn’t succeed, there won’t be any negative consequences which mean they should make an effort.

E.g. I know IAS exams are harder, but you can at least try giving them. At last, what have you got to lose?

The above phrases complete the list of positive phrases for encouraging someone. Use them in your sentences and improve English fluency skills. You can also join an online Spoken English course to improve your English speaking skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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