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Trending English words you must know


What does “Trending” mean?  Trending means something that has become popular amongst people for certain reasons. It can be a general development or change in a situation that people are accepting and behaving likewise. The recent example could be USA elections/ Donald Trump’s victory as a President or currency ban in India. English as a language has enormous words. There are approximately 25,000 new words added to the dictionary every year. Out of them we hardly hear thousands of words and by the time we try to remember it comes down to very few numbers.  In today’s blog, we will be discussing trending English words that you need to know.


10 trending words you must know

1. Baggravation

Baggravation is a combination of two words, i.e. bag and aggravation. This word means a feeling of annoyance and frustration at the airport when the person’s baggage has not arrived but everyone else’s bag has arrived.

2. Netizen

Netizen is a combination of internet and citizen. This word means a person who spends a large amount of time on the internet.

3. Threequel

It is a mixture of three and sequel. When the third book, event or a movie etc. in a series releases, it is said as threequel.

4. Affluenza

This word is the combination of affluence and influenza. It means unhealthy and unwanted psychological and social effects of affluence.

5. Edutainment

It is a mixture of entertainment and information which aims to entertain as well as educate.

6. Copyleft

Copyleft is the opposite word to copyright which means enforces restrictions on the distribution of a work or publication. Whereas, copyleft means removes all restrictions and allows free usage for all.

7. Blamestorming

Blamestorming is the combination of blame and brainstorming. The word means finding someone to blame for a mistake where no one is willing to accept the mistake.

8. Flightmare

Flightmare is the combination of flight and nightmare.  This word is used when someone has experienced an unpleasant  experience like missed connections, lost luggage.

9. Weblish

Weblish is a form of English that is used in the web (online) conversations.  It might contain lower case, abbreviations, acronyms etc.

10. Staycation

Staycation is the combination of stay and vacation. It generally means a vacation wherein you stay at home and relax or rather visiting nearby places.

The above words are the trending and variedly used by a native speaker. Learn these words and use them in your communication and improve your English-speaking skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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