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Vocabulary for talking about relationships


February is a month of love and people all over the world celebrate their relationships. While not everyone might be in a relation, but everyone might surely be aware of relationships. Today’s English lesson will provide you with some phrases which are used in English communication while conversing about relationships.


7 vocabulary terms to talk about relationships

1. Long distance relationship

Meaning - A relationship where the two people who are in a relationship, live far away from each other.


I and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship.

It is usually said that the long distance relationships don’t work properly.

2. To have chemistry

Meaning - To get along well with a person you are dating or considering to date.


I think he is really awesome, but we have no chemistry together. We went on a date and there was an awkward silence.

Hey Sid, who is she? You both seem to have a good chemistry.

3. On again, off again boyfriend/girlfriend

Meaning – This phrase is used when a couple breaks up often and again gets back together in no time.


Misha is going to come with her on again, off again boyfriend.

Today’s relationship is like an on again, off again boyfriend/girlfriend.

4. Whirlwind romance

Meaning - A very strong romance that starts off strong and is unexpected.


Sita and Marian had a whirlwind romance last month. They broke up last week.

The teenage relationship is mostly like a whirlwind romance.

5. To be serious

Meaning - A relationship is said to be serious when the person thinks it will last long and could lead to marriage.


I am in a serious relationship. We both have decided to get married in this year.

How is your new boyfriend? Are you serious about him?

6. To break up with

Meaning - To end a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.


Enough is enough! I am not going to tolerate her tantrums anymore. I am breaking up with her.

My sister broke up with my ex-boyfriend. I am not sure whether to be happy or sad.

7. A stalker

Meaning - A person who follows someone in an unwanted way. Many times, it is a man who is obsessed with a woman and won’t leave her alone.


During my school days, a guy stalked me for 2 long months.

Teenage romance includes lots of stalking.

With the above vocabulary words, you might have got an idea about the relationships and dating. Using English language is important to impress your love and to do that you can join an online spoken English course.

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- By Chander Madan

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