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Vocabulary related to describing food


“Food is love food is life” for all the food lovers. It’s hard to define the relation that the food lovers share with food. While people explore cuisines from different places to get a sense of taste, they also learn many new things. Learning new things is easy and so is English. As a foodie, you learn new dishes and its ingredients which indirectly help you to learn new words, spellings and pronunciation. Sometimes describing them is difficult as there are many words to describe how food tastes and feels. In today’s blog, we will teach vocabulary related to food.


8 vocabulary for food

1. Mushy

Mushy foods can be described as foods that are soft and wet. However, soft and wet doesn’t mean food that is soft.


All the apples have gone mushy, I think they are not fresh. 

2. Crumbly
Crumbly food can be described as the food that falls apart into small pieces when you eat or break it.


My friends put crumbly cheese into a salad.

3. Gooey
Gooey food is soft, wet and sticky, often in a positive way.


Seema prefers gooey cheese on every food she eats.

4. Crunchy
Foods that have a hard texture and make a loud sound when chewed are said to be as a crunchy food

Potato chips, nuts, raw carrots, and the skin of fried chicken are all crunchy foods.


I like the crunchy potato chips.

5. Creamy

Foods that are soft, thick and smooth are called creamy foods. Most of them are often made with milk or cream.  Avocados, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, yogurt and melted chocolate are all creamy foods.


Creamy chocolate cakes are his favorite.

6. Moist

Moist food can be described as food that is slightly wet and soft. Foods made with sauces, gravies, pastas, and casseroles are examples of some common moist food items.


How about a delicious and moist chocolate cake for an evening snack?

7. Greasy

Greasy foods are very  oily, and usually leave oil behind.


This Kolhapuri is so greasy that my entire plate is covered with oil.

8. Rancid

Rancid food means the food that tastes or smell unpleasant because it is no longer fresh.


How does this meat look like? It smells rancid.

The above article explains vocabulary related to food especially the texture which explains the way a food feels when you touch it or eat it. Use these words appropriately in the right context and improve your English.

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- By Chander Madan

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