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Vocabulary to be used for hand movements


In a day, we move our hands  a number of times and for a number of reasons. Each hand movement has its own meaning and expression. It is hard to imagine the number of words that can be used to describe such hand movements. In this article, we will explain you some such words.


1. Wave

This action is been done to say hi/hello or just to catch someone’s attention.

Example: He just waved at Santosh from the other side of the platform.

2. Hand shake

Hand shake is a  formal kind of hand movement which is used at the time of welcoming someone, in an interview, meeting and while signing a deal successfully.

3. Thumbs up

This is an indicator of appreciation and while wishing someone who is going to attempt a good and challenging task.

Example: Wish you all the very best for this presentation.

4. Thumbs Down

This is an exact opposite of above expression and is used to  purposely tease someone or while showing the arrogance to the rival (like in sports and movies).

Example: It seems, you are going to lose the challenge.

5. Pat

This hand movement expresses love, affection and appreciation for someone we know and love.

Example: My grandmother patted me with the words of appreciation when she saw my result.

6. Tickle

It’s a light touch made by quick finger movements to make someone laugh as a part of fun called as ‘Tickling’.

Example: Kids giggle when someone tickles them.

7. Flick

It is used for moving away something very quickly using thumb and the middle finger.

Example: I flicked away the small insect sitting on my textbook.

8. Clap(applause)

Everyone is very familiar with this hand movement. It is also an expression of happiness and appreciation.

Example: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome Mr. Anand on the stage, please give a big round of applause.

9. Slap

This is also a very familiar movement. It is  an expression of anger and inhumanity. The person hits someone with an open hand.

Example: Just shut your mouth, before I slap you.

10. Punch

This is also one of the
sign of inhumanity as in this, the fist is used to hit someone.

Example: In a heavy traffic jam, two drivers punched each other.

Hope you got a fair idea about the hand movements with the above article. Unless you use the vocabulary, you will not get the exact idea on how to use it. You can also join the online Spoken English classes to improve your overall communication skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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