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What are Some Etiquettes Used While Eating?


eating_t_manners_img_1Eating Manners:

Eating manners are rules that are applied while eating. It is very important to follow these manners as it help to make a person be more disciplined and trained in life. Eating manners are some guidelines that can be followed to avoid clumsy eating habits.


Important Eating and Table Manners:

Important Eating Manners

Some important eating manners are as follows:

  1. Basic Rules
  1. Always sit straight while eating food. Do not lean back on the chair.
  2. Do not make noise while eating. Eat in small bites and do not talk with food in mouth.
  3. Do not eat quickly. Chew every bit of your food and eat at a medium pace.
  4. Do not wave cutlery in the air.
  5. Keep your elbows off the table.
  6. Do not forget to thank the host after eating. Also appreciate the food and compliment the cook.
  7. Before drinking wipe your mouth with a napkin.
  1. Etiquettes of Dinning


  1. In formal settings, wait for your host to begin eating first. In informal setting, wait for the eldest person of the family to start eating.
  2. Ask for the permission of the host or the elders while leaving the table.
  3. Always use your right hand for eating or receiving food.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating.






Table Manner Tips

Tips on Table Manners


Some more tips on table manners are as follows:

  1. Can I take a sip of my drink while eating food?
i. It is considered to be impolite to take a sip of drink while chewing the food. Wait until you are finished chewing. Take a sip of your beverage once you have chewed and swallowed the food completely.
  1. How should a large napkin be folded before placing it in lap?
ii. A large napkin should be folded in half after opening it and
  1. How should I remove food from my mouth?
iii. If food needs to be removed from mouth, you should cover your mouth with napkin and take out the food. Then put back the napkin in your lap again.
  1. How many utensils should be kept on the table?
iv. Before the meal, the table should be prepared. A table cloth along with placemats should be placed on the table. There should not be more than three utensils on either side of the plate. If extra utensils are needed, those can be brought later.
  1. Is it impolite to reach over someone to pick up food?
v. Yes, it is very impolite to reach over someone to pick up food. You should ask or request other diners to pass the food.



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