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Why English is Considered an International Language?


More than anything, language defines the people. To absorb a culture completely, one needs to have enough knowledge of the language in question to begin with.

English an International Language

Brief History:

Over the years, English as a language has gained utmost importance and popularity worldwide. The language is so widespread that a whopping number of 600 million people, all over the world, from different countries speak it as their mother tongue. The popularity gained by this language is because, it is considered as a universal language that manages to bring together different countries so as to carry out trade and business, exchange values and beliefs of their own respective countries and many other such motives.

Present day scenario:

Pointless to point out, that English has become a vital part of our lives and often referred to as 'the Global language'. This lingo is used in all fields of work, art, theatre, business, and government. Yet English is not the most commonly spoken language throughout the globe. The language that holds the lead in the "most spoken language" is Mandarin Chinese.

English Spoken 

The popularity English gained:

Nevertheless, the popularity created by the English language is beyond bounds. In no time, it has spread like wildfire throughout the globe. English is spoken throughout every major city in the world, especially tourist spots and destinations.

The sooner one understands the importance of the language in question the better it is! Understanding and learning English in today's 'English' dominant world is your only way out. The language is demanding yet getting a hang of it will simplify all the difficulties that come along with learning it.

There are numerous English speaking courses that seek to assist individuals who have the passion and the want to learn this global language. Learning the language is not enough though, you need to soak up the language well enough to improve your English communication skills and develop your English speaking fluency.

Do you speak English 

How to adapt the language?

Learning spoken English requires dedication, practice and commitment and hence enrolling oneself for an English speaking course online will benefit in more than one way:

o One can learn well-spoken English in the comfort of their home.

o One has the flexibility of time.

o No hassle of being physically present at the same location as your tutor.

o Gives one the independence of self learning.Helps one indulge in innovative learning.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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