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A Seral Community


The ecosystem moves towards the climax community. A seral community is an intermediate stage in an ecosystem.  Before attaining the climax community sometimes more than one seral stage can also evolve.

Depending on the substratum and climate, a seral community can be classified into water community, rock community, sand community, dry area community & saline body ommunity. This can be termed biologically as Hydrosere, Lithosere, Psammosere, Xerosere, and Halosere respectively.




It is a plant succession occurs in a freshwater lake. If the water dried up it becomes the woodland. Because of this change the land types will succeed each other.


           Mute Swan  - Hydrosere Community

The Loch a' Mhuilin lake is located in the Isle of Arran, Scotland. The lake exhibits characteristic features of a hydrosere, the succession from a fresh water surface with small pioneer plant species to a sub-climax vegetation of alder and willow.  Because of clearing grazing land by human activities and by red deer and rabbits, the climax vegetation of oak and Thomas beech woodland has not been achieved.

Loch a' Mhuilin Lake




It is a plant succession that begins life on a newly exposed rock surface.  Once the Laki and Katla fissures erupted, the lava fields of Eldgjá in Iceland began to form a lithosere.




An ecological succession began life on newly exposed coastal sand. Example: sand dune systems




It is limited by water availability with xerarch succession of ecological communities originated in extremely dry situation. Example:  sand deserts, sand dunes etc.




The succession occurs in a saline environment. Example: salt marsh


Note: A xerosere may include lithoseres and psammoseres



Climax Community

It is a biological community of plants and animals through the process of ecological succession


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