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10 Mistakes to avoid as a retail sales representative


Retail is one of the booming sectors of the Indian economy. This sector offers many exciting employment opportunities particularly in the sales and marketing domain. One can have a successful sales career growth in the booming retail sector provided he takes efforts to avoid common sales mistakes on the job. Sales mistakes are inevitable due to the nature of the job, but they can also be avoided by taking simple precautions. Excellent analytical skills and strong English communication skills are a prerequisite to identifying the mistakes and then improving on them.




Mistakes to avoid as a retail sales representative.


1. Not allowing customers to speak

The customer comes to you for fulfillment of his wants and not to listen to your sales pitch. Do not hog the customers' time in giving your sales speech, but rather involve the customer in a conversation.


2. Lack of understanding customer requirements

Customers come to your store because they have a requirement, a need or a want. It is your job to precisely understand what the customer needs and help him select a product. Failure to do so can result in lower sale convertibility.


3. Self-agenda focus

Most sales persons focus on fulfilling their own sales quotas rather than the concentrating on customer's requirements. Don't follow that line and prioritize your customer's agenda ahead of yours.


Client: "I need a power drive of 1500hz".

Sales Person: "1500hz? That's nothing. Why don't you buy the one with 2500hz?"

Client: "But I don't need that much power".

Sales Person: "Of course you need it. It's the rage now"

Avoid such kind of push talk.




4. Rapport Building Failure

You are not just a sales person but also a friend of the customer in helping him decide which product suits him best. A simple and polite greeting goes a long way in building rapport and making the customer more open in having a purchase discussion.


5. Lack of information

This is a serious mistake which a retail sales guy should avoid. You are supposed to be the spokesperson of your company and it is your responsibility to know the present promotions, prices and discounts.

For example:

Client: "What are the latest price points of your products?"

You: "I don't know"

Never let this happen to you. If you don't know, politely apologize by saying "I am sorry, I am not aware, but I will get back to you in a short time".


6. Fast and hasty closure

Don't get desperate with a sale. Give the customer time to understand the deal and be comfortable with his decision. Trying to close a deal too fast can upset a potential sale and irritate a customer.


7. Know product differentiation

What is it that diffentiates your product from your competitors and why should the customer select only your product? Highlight the key differentiators that create value for the customers.


8. Failure to address customer concerns

Retail sales persons often forget the concerns or problems of a customer that are satisfactorily handled can lead to shorter purchase times. Instead, they just tend to push the products towards the customers.


9. Failure to have add-on sales

As soon as the deal is about to be closed, entice the customer with add-on sales. Customers at this stage are usually inclined to entertain such proposals.


10. Ignoring the customer

Always listen to what the customer has to say and never make the mistake of ignoring him. Always remember that the customer is king and you are here to serve as an instrument for satisfying the customer's needs and wants.

For example:

Client:" Hi, can you tell where this product is?

Sales person: "Sorry, I am already busy".

Instead say "Sorry Ma'am/Sir, I will be with you shortly. In the meantime, please go through this section"




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- By Monika Agarwal


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