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Business etiquette rules one must know


No matter how you live or behave with your friends, when it comes to professionalism you have to maintain a basic etiquette. Your professional life is different from your personal life. In business, it is all about quality work, performance, and manners. Speaking politely in fluent English with a gentle smile always works in professional environment. Learn business etiquette rules and grow your business.


5 business etiquette rules

1. Firm handshake

A strong and firm handshake is  simple yet one of the most important gesture. When you give a handshake, you determine that you are polite, confident, and approachable which creates a positive tone for future professional relationship. However, in a casual work atmosphere it is cool to get away with a nod or a hello, but taking the extra little effort to offer your hand will create a great impression.

2. Be careful about language

Words have the power to make or break the situation. May it be a verbal or a written communication, use wise and polite words in every formal communication. Polish your English vocabulary and use eloquent words. Avoid using slang and rude words. Sometimes, unintentionally words hurt the other person and creates a wrong impression.

3. Use please and thank you

Whenever you need any help from any of your colleagues, approach him/her with a polite please. In the same manner always remember to thank them when you get the desired help. It makes the other person feel that you value their help.

4. Avoid phone calls during meetings

When you are in a meeting, focus on the discussion. Avoid answering calls, text messages or check e-mails. When you do that, it annoys and disrespect other attendees. This is one of the main reasons due to which meetings last longer.

5. Proof read before hitting send

Before sending any email or a communication, double check your email to avoid grammar mistakes. A small grammatical error or a spelling mistake can create a wrong impression in the eyes of the reader. Also, don’t use smileys in the emails. They are considered unprofessional. Whenever you are unsure about a spelling consider asking someone or google it.

Hope the above explanation was helpful for you to know about the business etiquette rules. This way such effective communication will not only help you to manage the things in your profession but also create a good impression in front of others. For more articles related to English Grammar and phrases just browse through our other blogs and articles and make your learning simpler and enjoyable.

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-By Chander Madan

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