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Common sentences used to make a sale


You are on your first telemarketing assignment and are eager to get going on the job. You have the knowledge and confidence, but are unsure about the right words for your first call. Many first time marketing callers are stuck on sales vocabulary. A sales talk can make or break a deal and even careers depend on the right usage of sales phrases. Fluent English speaking skills are vital in formulating the best sales conversations. Different clients require different conversation technique depending upon the nature of business and requirements.

different conversation technique

Presenting an effective sales call is very important as an organization's growth depends on it. The best way to go about making one is to understand the character and personality of the prospective client. This will allow you to prepare a cold call sample customized to that particular client, ensuring higher chances of success. Apart from this, you can devise tried and tested sales call formats, which can reasonably guarantee your success. However, ensure that you do not blindly follow them and see if they are relevant to your requirements.

Sample sentences used to make a sale:

1. The disinterested recipient:

The trick is to stand apart from the competition by apologizing beforehand for the unwanted call. You can also try to point out the specialty of the product offer at the start of the conversation.

a. "I'm sorry to bother you, Sir, but I thought you would be interested to know that....."
b. "This really is an extraordinarily rare offer, Mr. James..."
c. "I'll only take a moment of your time, Sir..."

In case he gives counter reasons, you can say, "That's true Sir but.." or " I agree with  you, but..." or " I understand completely, but.."

make a sale

2. The cautious recipient:

Some prospective customers are very cautious over the nature of the call or product. For such types, you can say.

a. "Unlike our competitors, we're proud to offer..."
b. "Living in Andheri, we thought you might be interested to hear that..."
c. "I understand that you don't need the Internet/home insurance Mr. James, but we've a brand new TV package that looks just right for you..."
d. "I can guarantee you that we..."

3. The eager recipients:

This breed of recipients is extremely rare and highly prized by call agents. They must be treated right in order to be converted.

a. "I'm so glad you're interested, Mr. Braid ..."
b. "We can certainly do that for you, Sir"
c. "Thanks so much for giving me a moment of your time, Sir"
d. "I'm throwing in a (bonus freebie), just for you..."

4. The negotiator recipients

Recipients may like to haggle over the phone and you may have to stress the uniqueness of your product for the extra edge.

a. "We always beat our competitors on..."
b. "Remember, (VAT & Extended Warranty) is also included in our price"
c. ""Recent surveys show that ours is the most trusted service on the market..."
d. "Let's move forward and discuss..."

VAT  Extended Warranty

The above samples shows the best sentences to use while making a sales call. You can improve your spoken English by practicing with the help of an online English tutor or a friend.

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- By Shailja Varma

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