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Dos and Don’ts of effective sales communication


There is effective communication involved behind every successful sale. It demands building a strong link between two groups. Therefore, it is essential that this relationship stays strong in order to have effective marketing that can bring leads and eventually higher sales. However, it is important to avoid certain mistakes that can ruin a sales call and can prove disastrous to margins. There are certain tried and tested rules in sales and marketing, which ensures quality results. Read on to find 5 Dos and Don’ts for effective sales communication.

5 Dos

1. Use your listening abilities

It is important to listen to what the client has to say and suggest. He has a need or a want, which has to be fulfilled, and he has come to you for the solution. Understand his business, problems and empathize with him to find the perfect solution.

For example: You can say “That’s right, I understand, I am with you” etc.

2. Strong relationship is important

Don’t think of a sale as a monetary transaction, but rather as a relationship building exercise. Demonstrate your expertise and convince the customer that you can build a solid and trustworthy partnership.

3. Client preference is paramount

Your client is vital to your business, so communicate as per his preference and not yours. If he prefers email, then choose email and so on accordingly.

4. Scan for important business points

Recognize vital points in a sale discussion and take efforts to address those points satisfactorily. In this way, you can build trust with your clients.


5. Appeal to both sides of human nature

The golden rule in sales is that ‘People buy on emotion but justify their decision with reason’. Ensure that you appeal to the emotional as well as the logical nature of the client. For effective sales, it is vital to appeal to both  sides and not just one side.

For example: If you are a retailer at a winter cloth store, you can say something like, “Sir, I think this sweater looks great on you. You are getting a great deal on it as well.”

5 Don’ts

1. No selling without trust factor

It is essential to first build a trust and only then sell. If you try to push a sale without making a person comfortable, it may not be successful.

2. Say no to unnecessary expenses

Budget your promotional expenses to ensure that unnecessary wastage can be avoided. Research and decide upon the medium that suits your requirements and accordingly spend your money.

3. Avoid Randomness

Approach only those clients who fit your needs. Any deviation will only result in wastage of time and effort. Even if a sale is made, it is bad in the long run, as it can be a financial drain and can be time wasting.

4. Don’t put pressure

Putting pressure or nagging sets off even a normal person, so just imagine how irritating it will be for a client if you continue to nag him over a deal. If a client refuses a deal, it may be because he is too busy. So instead of giving up or nagging, request him for an appropriate time and set a schedule. Be sure to be punctual in follow-ups.

For example: The client “No, we are not interested in your services.”

You can counter by saying “Yes, I understand that given the current scenario, it will be difficult for you”. However, you may require our services in the coming time. Can we set an appointment three months down the line?”

5.  Avoid unrealistic expectations

The mistake, which most marketers do, is that they set very high unrealistic expectations. This becomes unviable during a target period and leads to problems. To avoid this, set tangible goals and be very specific in defining the scope.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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