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How to alert your boss about a worrying financial trend like increase in expense?


You just finished analyzing your latest quarterly financial reports and have found a worrying trend of increasing expenses. You are pretty sure that you need to intimate your manager about this immediately. But you are unsure what is the best way to break the news to him .

3 Things to keep in mind:

1. Say things as it is:

It is important to state the facts just as it is. This will ease your confidence while alerting the boss. If you try to find words to describe the situation, it can lead to confusion and you may stutter while breaking the news.

Example: "The stationary expenses have increased by 30 % which is not feasible".

2. Keep Calm:

It is natural to feel apprehensive while approaching your boss, after all he is your senior. You are scared of his reaction, so, how will you counter it? In such a case, it is preferable to remain calm and approach your boss. You are just doing your duty and pointing out the problems to your boss. Keep calm and stay assertive.

3. Suggest options:

Your boss expects you to suggest some options for the problem or trend. He wants to see your enterprising nature. Impress him by coming up with innovative ideas to stem the trend. It will also cushion the blow of the news.

Sample Conversation:

Situation: The stationary expense is increasing without any reason and if the trend continues, this alone will eat up most of the company budget.

You : May I come in Sir?

Boss: Yes Rajat. What is the matter?

You: Sir. I have been going through the financial statements of the last three months and I have noticed a worrying problem.

Boss: What is it?

You: The stationary expenses have shown a tremendous increase of 30% in the past 3 months. There is no justification for such an increase.

Boss: So the paper requirement has increased. What is the problem?

You: The problem is that if this increase continues, it will be very difficult for the company to make ends meet. The revenues were already decreasing; the stationary expense will eat into most of this .

Boss: Oh. That really is a problem. What do you suggest we do?

You: I suggest we start monitoring the usage of the paper and other stationery. It is possible that there is a misuse of the office stationery or there was a genuine requirement, we will come to know after the report. Once we start making the stationery use accountable, I am sure that the expenses will decrease.

Boss: That's a good move. I want you to prepare a plan and send it to me by tomorrow evening.

You: Yes Sir!

The above conversation showcases how to break a worrying news to your boss confidently and in fluent English. You can practice the above conversation with the help of a friend or an online English tutor.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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