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How to attend a meeting?


What is a meeting?:

hw_atnd_mtng_img1A meeting is an assembly of people to talk about some important issues, take important decisions or to plan some joint activities. Good meetings can make a project successful. In a good meeting, all the participants are allowed to speak and give their opinion, and decisions are taken after consideration of the views and opinions of all the participants. A good meeting can create enthusiasm in the minds of the participants and thus make the meeting successful. It requires a very efficient and capable leader to hold a good meeting. Also it is very important for the participants to know how to attend a meeting to make it successful. Good participants prepare themselves prior to the meeting and attend it with all their best speaking and listening skills. People who are not good at speaking might find it difficult to attend a meeting. You need to have excellent communication skills to attend a meeting.




How to Attend Meeting?:

Steps on how to attend a meeting

Some vital things are mentioned below that can be kept in mind while attending a meeting.

  1. When people sit together and do some brainstorming on something to find a solution to some common problem, it is known as meeting. There are different kinds and types of meetings and all meetings are not same. Whether it is a school meeting, club meeting or office meeting you should know how to attend it.
  2. If you find that you are asked to attend a meeting, the first and foremost thing for you to do is find out all the details about the meeting. You should find out about the time the meeting commences and ends and also what is the meeting about. If you are unsure of something you should always talk to the organizer and be sure about it.
  3. Be punctual and reach few minutes early if possible. Early arrival can help you find the place where the meeting is held. Also don’t forget to carry a notebook and a pen. The organizer might provide you paper and a pen but it is always advisable to keep paper and pen with you.
  4. The dress code is also very important. You should find out what type of meeting you are going to attend and depending on that you should dress yourself. If it is a meeting at a club or friend’s house, you can attend the meeting in casual attire but if it is an office meeting, you should dress yourself formally.
  5. While attending a meeting, you need to be very attentive and listen to the organizer very carefully. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand something.
  6. Always be courteous while attending a meeting. Be well behaved and do not forget your manners. Be polite and listen to other participants with patience. Speak politely and softly while talking or discussing about something. Do not speak in a rude manner. Give others the chance to speak. Also do not keep quiet and hesitate to speak if you disagree with something.


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