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How to Communicate as a Receptionist?


Who is a Receptionist?

hw_com_recptn_img1A receptionist is an integral employee of almost all organizations. A person who meets, receives or greets people, visitors, clients, and responds to phone calls is known as receptionist. You’ll find a receptionist in the lobby or front office desk of every business house. Some of the important duties of a receptionist include greeting visitors, answering telephone calls, writing and handling emails, directing the visitors to the right person or place, communicating with the clients on phone or in person, communicating with the senior personnel, keeping records, maintaining files, performing data entry work.


hw_com_recptn_img2Importance of Communication in a Receptionist’s job

Importance Of Communication

A receptionist should possess excellent communication skills. A receptionist spends most of her time in greeting visitors and communicating with them. If you want to become a receptionist and if you think that your communication skills are below average you should enroll yourself in a spoken English class to improve your speaking abilities. Nowadays the spoken English classes are also conducted online. So you can take the Spoken English class from the comforts of your home and be a competent speaker. You can also learn a foreign language. It can help you converse with foreign visitors.


Steps to Improve Your Communication to Become a Good Receptionist

How to Become a Good Receptionist

Here are some tips on how to improve your communication to become a good receptionist.

  1. First and foremost a receptionist needs to be very positive and cheerful person. If you look sad and depressed visitors might not feel comfortable talking to you.
  2. Be respectful. Speak to everyone with respect. Leave personal problems at home and behave in a courteous manner with the clients and visitors.
  3. It is very important to greet a patron politely. Greetings should be done gently with standard phrases like “Good Morning sir/madam. Thank you for calling our company __________________. This is Guru. How May I help you?
  4. As soon as somebody enters the office, greet the visitor cordially with standard greetings like “ Good Morning Sir/Madam. Thank you for calling ____________.My name is ………….., how may I help you?
  5. A receptionist needs to be good at multitasking. A receptionist is required to perform various kinds of tasks throughout the day.
  6. Last but not least a receptionist should be able to speak fluently. Hesitating while speaking or using wrong Grammar may disappoint the visitors.


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