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How to communicate with your subordinates to get the maximum output?


You are the Java Development manager at Infosys and you handle a team of 25 individuals. However, the performance of the team has been dropping lately and you are hard pressed to bring out the best in your team. As every business has English as the main language, it is important that you utilize your English speaking skills to the fullest extent and display your professionalism.

Things to keep in mind

1. Use a carrot and stick approach

Carrot and stick approach means giving your team rewards for better performance, while at the same time, penalizing for not meeting expectations. In such situations, clear and concise English communication is essential to ensure no misunderstanding or miscommunication takes place.

For example : "If you guys finish the project before the 24th of this month, a big party awaits you" or "Please make efforts to finish the project before time or else your appraisals may be affected".

2. Encouragement

Give regular encouragement to your team members. Motivate them by using the correct English phrases and quotations. You can use quotations like "Stay focused" or "you can do it". For this, your English vocabulary skills should be perfect.

Sample Conversation

Situation: Your team has failed to meet the August deadline for Software production and you have called a team meeting to address the issue.

You: Guys, our last month's performance is not acceptable. We have come in the bad books of the management.

Rajat: I think the reason is the number of holidays in the month due to which there was a lack of sufficient resources.

You: I am not asking for an excuse and even so, lack of workforce is a poor one. If there were holidays, it was our responsibility to make up for the lost time by working overtime, which is paid by the company. We cannot excuse ourself to the client.

Ramesh: So what should we do?

You: We should pull up our socks and make sure that the backlog, which we have, is completed before mid month.

Rita: But then it would take overtime of each day! From where will we get the energy?

You: If we are able to finish it before the 15th, there will be a big party and even a bonus thrown in.

Ramesh: And if we don't?

You: Then it will affect your appraisals. I am being frank here, this client is very important and if there is any further escalation, then your careers may be at stake.

Rajat: Then we better get to work.

The above conversation shows how you can communicate in proper English to inspire your team for better performance. Polish your English speaking skills with the help of an online English course and be the motivational manager every team needs.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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