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How to compliment your office colleagues in English


Good teamwork is essential not only for the growth of any organisation but also for the personal growth of individuals in the organisation. An essential component of achieving good team bonding is when team members express positive thoughts about fellow team members to them directly.  Sincere compliments and praise go a long way in making a person feel good and feel motivated to perform better for the team and the organisation.




There are a couple of important things to remember. Giving a compliment is not the sole responsibility or prerogative of a manager/ senior employee. Any person or team member should feel free to give compliments to a peer.


The other important thing is that the compliments and praise should not only appear genuine and sincere but also be so. They should also feel ‘earned’ rather than ‘gifted’; otherwise the person receiving the compliment is unlikely to take it seriously or even feel happy and fulfilled. This can have a counterproductive effect on the individual’s morale. 


Another aspect of making a compliment truly valuable is to provide constructive criticism for improvement when the team member does not deliver as expected. Constructive criticism is as important a personal improvement tool as words of praise are.




There are several words that you must add to your English vocabulary  to compliment your colleagues. The right use of proper adjectives makes it more valuable. Here are some words and phrases for you to use when giving a compliment to a colleague’s work.


  • Excellent
  • Fabulous
  • Fantastic
  • Outstanding
  • Great Work
  • Splendid
  • Super effort
  • Well done


It is also not enough to use any of the above words (or other similar ones) to compliment a colleague. Give your compliment a greater context and make it more valuable, by telling the person specifically why you are praising that person.


For example, you could say something like, “The presentation you made was fabulous. It was really detailed and well thought out. You really put in a lot of attention to details which is quite impressive.  Great work!”. This makes the person receiving the compliment understand the reason for your praise, makes him/her reflect on the work done and appreciate your effort in giving genuine praise. Strong bonds are formed when somebody trusts the other’s words.




Are you ready to compliment your colleague? Try doing it now - it will make the workplace environment  very comfortable and supportive..


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-By Chander Madan


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