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How to converse at the front desk?


As a front desk executive, you are expected to possess a polish in your English communication skills as well as are required to communicate with warmth and ooze genuineness. Holding a position as such requires you to speak with certain sophistication and poise in your body language as well as the way you put yourself across to the customer/client. As a front desk executive, you are the first point of contact when a client enters your hotel. This responsibility needs you to put your best foot forward and speak English fluently.

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Sample Conversation at a front desk

Here  is an example that you could find useful in helping you converse as a professional, well- trained, proficient front desk executive.

Rita (Front Desk Executive): Good Afternoon,  Welcome to the Grand Hyatt luxury Hotel. How may I help you?

Guest: I had a reservation booked for today.

Rita: Sure Sir. Could you please provide me with your first name?

Guest: My name is Kenneth.

Rita: Can you please spell that out for me?

Guest: Sure. K-E-N-N-E-T-H.

Rita: Yes, Mr. Kenneth, we have reserved a double room for you with the scenic view of the ocean. Just as you requested.

Guest: Of course.

Rita: In addition, the room is booked for three days and two nights. Is that correct?

Guest: Yes, it is.

Rita: Excellent. We already have your credit card information on file. Please sign the receipt along with the bottom.

The guest signs the billing amount.

Guest: Here you go!

Rita: Sir, along with your presidential suite you get a full continental breakfast every morning, free airport shuttle service, and can avail all the liquor in the mini- bar available in your room.

communication hotel front desk

Guest: Sounds good. So, what room am I in?

Rita: Room no. 465. Here is your key. Our bellhop will escort you to your room as well as make sure that your entire precious luggage reaches your room at the earliest.

Guest: Great. Thanks!

Rita: Should you have any queries or requests, please dial zero (0) from the telephone made available in your room. In addition, we have a wifi connection that you can get access as you enter your room.

Guest: Amazing. Thank you for all your help.

Rita: My pleasure, Sir. Have a wonderful stay at the Grand Hyatt luxury hotel.

There you have it. A conversation that comes across as complicated made simple for you. If time permits, make sure to learn English fluently by enrolling in one of the available spoken English courses online.

Get proper details

It is crucial for you to treat your guests with a modest undertone in your voice and a constant warm smile on your face. Keep your English simple and fulfill all the queries put forth by your guest. Understand the fact that you are the face of the 5 star luxury hotel you work at, be crisp, clear in your answers, and ensure to know all about the services your hotel offers. If there is a waiting period for the generation of the bill or any confusion as such… indulge in small talk with the guest, keeping him/ her distracted from the wait period that has been caused.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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