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How to convert your weak points into strengths?


When applying for a job, the deal breaker is your resume and interview skills. With an impressive resume, you have a better chance at getting noticed and shortlisted for an interview. Then it depends on what impression you make on the interviewer during your interview, and that is what will decide your chances of landing the job. It is the responsibility of an interviewer to grill a candidate in such a way that they gauge the candidate’s strong and weak points, and then take a decision, depending on how well the candidate matches the requirements. While you can easily direct questions about your education, experience and skill set, it can get a little difficult to answer questions pertaining to your soft-skills. The one question that people find most difficult to answer is, when the interviewer asks ‘what are some of your weaknesses?’

Job interview tips: How to convert your weak points into strengths?

For a candidate, interviews are stressful situations. You want to be at your presentable best, say the right things, and make the best first impression. You want to talk about your achievements, your skills and highlight your strengths. So, when your interviewer asks you a question about your negative points such as your weaknesses or things you are not good at, it is natural to feel a little perplexed on how to answer it. If you are worried about that, then you have come to the right place. We will share some tips with you to help you present your weaknesses in a way that it seems like your strengths.

How to convert your weak points into strengths

convert your weak points into strengths

The first thing to understand the correct way of presentation is the kind of words you choose. For example, what you think is being disorganized could be because you have a creative mind and have a hundred thoughts going in your head at any given point in time.  Its all about how you present yourself during an interview. For example, don’t say you aren’t a multi-tasker. Instead what you can say is that you dedicate all your focus and attention to one task at a time and make sure that it is done to perfection.

Accept your flaws and work on it

If there’s anything that can win you points during an interview, then it is honesty. If you are honest about everything that the interviewer asks you, it will show good character on your part and that is bound to impress the interviewer. Accept your weaknesses and convey it to the interviewer that you are working on improving, and as stated above, present them in a way that it comes across as your strengths!

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-By Shailja Varma

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