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How to convince a customer to try out a product?


As a BPO executive, it is vital for you to have the convincing capability to sell the product/ service. A fact that is often ignored or overlooked is that you'll sell more if you talk about the product in a language your customer understands best. When you're on a convincing spree, always remember the fact that customers do not buy for the product features, they buy for the benefits the product offers.

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A major mistake made by BPO employees when trying to convince a customer:

However, an unfortunate fact is that almost all sales and marketing pitches always talk about the product features over the benefits one can reap out of the product itself. You'll definitely get more customers if you communicate the benefits of using your product rather than the features it possesses. This article will lead you on the path of making an incredible number of sales, successfully convincing your customers to try out the product.

5 Secrets to lead a customer to try out a product:

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Situation- You work in a BPO that has an international car seller as its key client. You're assigned with a task to get as many customers as possible to walk in for a test drive of a new car.

Know the difference- There is a vast difference between the feature of a product and the benefits of using it. A feature is something that a product or service 'is' or 'does', whereas, a benefit is something that a product or service means to the customer.

Wrong approach- "This car has been equipped with a safety roof." (Feature)
Right approach- "This car keeps your family safe and sound." (Benefit)

Use motivating yet simple language- It is important for you to keep your English communication skills simple and grounded. A customer will remember the benefits better if spoken to in basic English.

Wrong approach- "This secure roof provides protection in the event of a rollover accident."
Right approach- "If this car is involved in a rollover accident, there is a good chance you'll walk away unharmed."

Keep it short- It is better to provide your customers with a short list of benefits, rather than going on and on. Keep it simple, keep it short! Understand the fact that a long list of benefits would just cause an unwanted confusion.

Wrong approach- "These are the ten plus benefits offered by using our product."
Right approach- "The three most important benefits are..."

Tell them the USP- Informing the customer about the benefits your brand offers is not enough. Use the benefits along with the USP of your brand to work its charm and rope with the customer.

Wrong approach- "The car is equipped with a great German based automated software."
Right approach- "This is the only brand that offers voice command as its unique feature, straight from Germany."

Keep away from jargon- You might want to go all out and give the customers a technical parade around the product. However, as far as possible, avoid doing so.

Wrong approach- "This car assures a racy effectuation of 80210 protocols!"
Right approach- "This car gives you the right amount of speed, comfort and mechanism."

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When trying to attract customers to try the product you're selling, it is important for you to use your spoken English communication skills as a tool. In addition, make sure to maintain an English speaking fluency throughout the sales call.

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