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How to deal with a nasty employee?


Every organization has employees that are nasty and impossible to deal with. They always create problems for other employees and refuse to follow the policies of the company. Treating them with kid gloves leaves a bad precedent. Hence, in order to protect the morale of the employees and to maintain professionalism at the workplace, it is important to deal with such employees with as much strictness as possible. You can put your English speaking skills to use by being firm and confident.

Things to remember while dealing with nasty employee

1. Be to the point

Nasty employees need to be reminded who is the boss. Be firm and ask them directly what is bothering them. Don’t let their screaming intimidate you. Be calm and look them in the eye and ask, “What is your problem?” They will get scared and calm down a bit. Being straight to the point is very important with no eloquent words.

2. Warn them

Warn the misbehaving employee that if they don’t change their behavior, things can get worse for them. Even then if they don’t listen, follow them up with concrete actions. The actions can include suspension and termination. It is better to get rid of such employees rather than facing a downhill morale in the workforce. After all, team work is very important in any kind of organization.

Sample Conversation with a nasty employee:

Situation: Rajeev, an employee in your development team, is causing problems due to erratic behavior. You call him to your office.

Rajeev: Sir, you called me?

You: Yes, please come in.

Rajeev: Okay, what is the matter?

You: I have been observing your actions for some months. They are getting worse by the day and I am beginning to get worried.

Rajeev:  What does the company have to do with my behavior? I am a top performing employee.

You: Be that as it may, your behavior is reaching intolerable levels. We will be forced to take some action to stop it.

Rajeev: What problems are you talking about?

You: Since the past month you are arriving late, are not focusing on your job. Worst of all, you are inciting other employees to shirk work and are accused of spreading gossip around the office.

Rajeev: So I spend time talking to my friends, what’s the big deal? And I am an extrovert.

You: Rajeev, your attitude is not helping you here. I am asking you to change it before it’s too late.

Rajeev: What can the company do? You cannot do anything.

You: Of course we can. We can suspend you and even terminate you if your behavior does not improve.

Rajeev: Really?

You: Yes, really. If you don’t believe us, read your appointment letter which clearly says that if an employee misbehaves, he is liable for termination.

Rajeev: I can’t believe you are saying this to a performing employee.

You: This organization gives great importance to team work and if an employee threatens it, we have no qualms about dismissing him. So better change your ways before it’s too late.

The above sample conversation will show you how best to deal with problem employees. Be strong in your English speaking skills with the help of an online English guide and you will face no further problems.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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