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How to explain product features on the phone?


The major dilemma facing every professional telemarketer is how to convince the customers that their product is the best for them. You have only a few minutes to impress a customer about the uniqueness of your product over the phone. Hence, you need to precisely define and describe the features to capture the listener's attention to the full extent. Only fluent English speaking skills will help you to make a potential sale to the customer. You don't have the luxury of a face-to-face conversation and even time is of constraint.

Things to remember when explaining the product features on the phone:

1. Impress the customer with a quick sales pitch

In order to describe the product features in totality, you need to be able to persuade the customers to remain on the phone for a little longer time. Most of the cold calls' responses end in hang-ups. For a successful description, you need to convince the prospective lead to remain on the line. Always remember that the first impression is crucial to make or break a sales call.

2. Don't over pitch

Most of the telemarketers make a mistake here. They try to push the customers into buying their products. The prospective lead will be put off by this behavior. Never try to push your sale. Describe the product in a way in which they are assured that you want to help and not just want to earn a commission.

A sample conversation for explaining the product features:

Situation:- Your company has just released a new water purifier. You make a cold call to a lead.

You:  Hello, Am I speaking with Mr. Roger?

Roger: Yes. Who is this?

You: Good Morning, Mr. Roger. This is Kevin Bryan from Aquafina. As you are staying in Andheri, which is plagued with water pollution problems, I thought you might be interested to know about our solution to your water problems.

Roger: I am interested.

You: Our company has released a revolutionary product called Aqua crest, which ensures 98% clean water, with minimal energy consumption.

Roger: But we boil water, the safest method.

You: Boiling has its benefits. However, with the rising LPG prices, it may not be feasible in the future. In addition, boiling does not completely eradicate the germs. Our product is a cheap and effective alternative to boiling water.

Roger: How can you say that? What makes you so confident?

You: Aqua crest has a sophisticated 4 tier cleaning process. First, the impure water goes through distillation, and then the ions are filled in to re-oxygenate the water, which then flows through a carbon to absorb the remaining impurities. The final stage is reverse osmosis that removes up to 99 % of the remaining pollutants. The end result is crystal clear pure water with minimum energy consumption. We even have three years on-site warranty.

Roger: Wow! That sounds great! Where can I order one?

The above sample shows how to describe a product feature to a customer with a sales potential. As noted before, your spoken English ability will be crucial for a confident description and sales pitch delivery. Improve your English language skills with the help of an online English trainer.

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- By Shailja Varma

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