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How to give the perfect presentation in English?


Once in a lifetime, every person gets a chance to give a presentation. It may be during your academic  or professional career. The number of audience may be either two people or an auditorium filled with 500 people. No matter what the audience size is, your presentation has to be excellent as the entire focus is on you. How well you deliver,  makes a whole lot of difference. Communication skills play an important role in success of a presentation. Anyone can give a good presentation, but only few can deliver a perfect presentation. Make your presentation perfect with the following tips.


5 tips to remember

1. Value your audience's time

If people are attending your presentation that means they are investing their valuable time on you. Therefore, before starting your presentation, understand what your audience has given up for you. Prepare your presentation accordingly and make it worthwhile.

2. Don’t be boring

Talking continuously about the topic might bore your audiences and they may lose interest in you. Obviously, the information you are giving is important, but it’ll hold a value only when your audience is listening with interest and paying attention. Include some story or use humor that relate to your presentation. Inform your audience in an entertaining way, i.e., be infotaining. Make a personal connection with the audience to keep them engaged.

3. Include your audiences

One way communication is always boring and monotonous. At the start, people may pay attention, but after a certain point of time they might lose interest. So, it’s better to keep the audience engaged. Ask questions or give related examples to your audience. All in all, try to make your sessions interactive.


4. Be clear

Make sure when you speak, your words and pronunciation are clear. Speak in fluent English which can be easily grasped by the audience. If you feel your pronunciation is not up to the mark, then improve it by practising  at home before the presentation starts.

5. Be confident

All the above points will work only when you are confident. It’s quite rational that everyone at this point of the time might feel nervous. But once you start, everything goes well with the flow. If you happen to make a mistake or mess it up, don’t worry as your audience doesn’t know what you were going to speak. Confidently continue the topic, as people rarely notice such mistakes.

Maintain an eye contact and a proper body language. The above pointers will help you to make a good presentation. However, your communication skills play an important role. By improving your communication, you can give a perfect presentation. Join a spoken English course and improve your fluency skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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