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How to make a browsing customer comfortable and convert?


Imagine you are strolling around the mall. You come across people smiling, kids running about playfully, the clattering of shopping bags... and suddenly you get the tempting smell of freshly baked cookies. You happen to look around to find the place from where the aroma is rising. Finding the cookie corner, you turn towards it and within a split second a man walks up to you informing you, "We're running a promotion, today." He adds, "Buy six and get a coffee free- it would certainly be a lovely breakfast, if you're hungry!"

In no time, you're walking right into his cookie shop, sitting on the table and sipping on some coffee. A sudden realization, you're sold!

The Lesson?

Understand the path:

1. Arrive- Passing by the store.

2. Intrigue- The magnetism you create to attract the prospect.

3. Inform- Products and related information keeping the English fluent and the language engaging.

4. Decide- Involve some unique sales technique drawing the customer closer to buying the product/ service.

5. Buy- Offer easy, customer friendly payment options, including both cash and card.

Below we've broken some steps down further enabling you to gauge how to effectively go about the whole process. Take a look:

1. Greet your customers: Greet your customers with a proper tone and mood. This will help generate positive vibes and garner good feelings in your customer. Setting the mood right for your customer works amazingly. Understand the fact that any browsing customer that walks into your store is a potential customer and not a time-waster. Welcome them and generate a special feeling about your business by starting a conversation with them in well- spoken English.

Retailer: "Good Afternoon Ma'am. Welcome to XYZ store!"

Customer: "Good Afternoon."

2. If you can't sell, advice: It is crucial for you to know that window shoppers/ browsers are actually individuals that are often collecting information before making a purchase. They might not buy from your store today but if you give them information about your products/services and treat them with equal respect as your real customers, they are bound to remember your store to make the purchase in the future. Ask them about what they are looking for and advice them on what is better. Understand their needs and direct them accordingly.

Retailer: "Can I help you with something? What are you looking for?"

Browser: "I am just browsing. Though, I am looking for a Swiss knife."

Retailer: "That's nice. Follow me; I will lead you to the Swiss knife rack. Are you in search for a basic Swiss knife?"

Browser: "Yes. Basic sounds good."

Retailer: "Ma'am, I would suggest you opt for a model higher than the basic. We have some exclusive Swiss knives that have arrived just yesterday and cost the same as the basic one."

Browser: "Great! Can I see them?"

1. Let them go, but help them remember you: It is vital that you treat window shoppers well, as they could be your future customers to return to your store and make a purchase. The key is to develop a great customer- retailer relationship making sure they leave their window shopping moment with optimistic feelings. Your job is to treat them right and make sure they are happy people at the end of their visit to your store.

Converting your browsing customer into a real buyer is an art that requires you to have your English communication skills at its best! Muster the basic know- how of the English language and speak in simple English to avoid complication of any kind.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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