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How to make your point effectively in a meeting


We understand that standing out in a meeting involving different people is very important. Everyone has their own ideas and wants to get their points across. So, getting noticed and making your point effectively is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. What you need to do is to know exactly what you want to say and say it in an effective manner. Of course, how you conduct yourself throughout the meeting is also important, because how well you receive other people’s ideas will decide how well they receive yours. If you are looking for tips on how to make your point effectively in a meeting, then you have come to the right place. Here are sure-shot tips that will help you make your point effectively in any meeting.

How to make your point effectively in a meeting

Make notes:

No matter how prepared you go for a meeting, once it commences and other people start talking and presenting their points, your head will be flooded with ideas and things you want to say. The best thing to sort out your thoughts is to make notes and jot your ideas down. This way, you will have an outline ready for when it is your turn to speak. Now you can speak precisely and to the point.

Don’t cut when people are talking:

A major part of putting your point across effectively is to get people to listen to you and be receptive. So, show them how when they are talking. Don’t cut people when they are talking and pay attention. Be assured that they will do that to you when you are speaking.

Don’t cut when people are talking

Do not say a person is wrong directly:

During a meeting, chances are that you will disagree with people and won’t always like what they are saying. However, refrain from calling out people that they are wrong. Accept that you might have difference of opinion, and when you are speaking, mention that while you don’t completely agree with what the other person says, you are open to their ideas and give them a chance to convince you. If you do that, they will be more open to when you are putting forth your point.

Be polite:

This is one quality that will take you places, and get people to sit up and listen to you. Even if you are convinced that what you are saying is right and the best idea, don’t be arrogant about it and present it in a polite way. Watch how you conduct yourself when other people are talking, and they will extend the same to you.

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