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How to negotiate for an appraisal?


On an annual basis, the human resource department, sharply observes and analyzes the performance of an employee and makes salary appraisals based on the operation. As an employee, you should be acquainted with the fact that your salary reflects your responsibilities, the gained experience, as well as your recent performance. We do understand that anything that involves asking or demanding for more money can be awkward and intimidating. However it, being a necessity of life, requires you to put forth your demand for a hike, especially if you're certain you deserve better.

Presenting to you an article that will help you make the conversation flow smoothly in fluent English. Interested? Read on...


5 Quick etiquette tips for salary negotiation:

1. Don't get personal- Understand the fact that you are responsible for the company and your professionalism is of utter importance. Therefore, while putting forth your salary increase request, never ever discuss personal issues and justifications. Now that is completely unprofessional!

2. Give evidence of your hard work- Always, remember to respect your employer's position and hence, when you are at his/ her table requesting for a hike, produce all the evidence you have of the hard work you've put in and its effectiveness for the company. This will give your request a strong backing.

3. Don't be impulsive- When you walk into that intimidating cabin, make sure to have thought through everything you're going to be mentioning. Know that you should refrain from acting impulsively and in fact, give your employer time to do some research himself/ herself. Also, understand that you need to have your English communication skills at its best, and being impulsive increases your chances of making errors.

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4. Learn to listen- Of course, it is a known fact that you have loads to speak to your boss, however, allow him/ her to lend you his/ her thoughts too. Listen to your boss and make sense out of every word he/she says. You should know that your boss will feel much better knowing that you too are an active partner in the process.

5. End it on a friendly note- You know that the conversation you just had with your boss, was on an extremely serious and professional note. Therefore, while leaving the cabin make sure to thank him and take a genuine dig at some form of small talk to make an exit on a light and friendly note.

Conversation Sample:

Employee- Sir, may I come in?

HR Executive- Sure, walk right in.

Employee- As mentioned to you in the email, I'm here to discuss my appraisal. Is this the right time to talk to you?

HR Executive- Yes. Go ahead.

Employee- Sir, I've been a part of this company for the past five years, I believe the appraisal I'm being offered is rather unfair.

HR Executive- Okay, and what makes you say that?

Employee- In the email, I've attached some of the esteemed clients I've managed to rope in over the past five years. Sir, this company has taught me a lot and I appreciate every bit of it, however, I certainly could do with a higher hike in my salary; as I personally believe I deserve it.

HR Executive- Well, I'm going to have to look into this matter and send you the final negotiation we're ready to offer. Besides, of course we know how much you have done for this company and hence, I assure you that you will not be left disappointed.

Employee- Thank you so much, sir. If you need any more information, do intimate me about the same.

HR Executive- Sure thing.

negotiate for an appraisal

Lastly, whatever the conclusion you and your boss have probably come down to, make it a point to take it in writing. You could probably exchange a chain of mails on the same subject to have everything professional. Also, make sure to polish and improve your spoken English skills, as with the right skills, you could get your job done smoothly and conveniently. You could also take the help of an English tutoring class online before walking into your boss's cabin.

Be confident, know what you need to point out, and keep your smile genuine rather than forced.

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- By Chander Madan

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